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How's your fortune looking this year?
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How's your fortune looking this year?

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Chelsea Mendahului Arsenal Merebut Kaka (Arsenal News)

Real Madrid’s star attacking midfielder Kaka has been looking for a way out of the Spanish club for some time now and reports have it that he’s going to leave the Madrid city in January heading for a club where he could reignite his career.

Premiership giants Chelsea and Arsenal have both expressed their interest in the midfielder on several occasions and it seems that this would be the best time to go for the player.

Both Chelsea and Arsenal could use a playmaker with Kaka’s skills and Arsenal could surely make use of the Brazilian’s extraordinary services. With Kaka behind a striker like Robin Van Persie it’s no telling what brilliant plays can occur.

Arsene Wenger has been looking for somebody with Kaka’s clear vision for a long time now and even though some might say Arteta’s the man the truth is that Kaka is much more offensive than the Spanish, so the two can coexist and play an excellent football together.

Do you think that Arsenal could use the services of Kaka or would it be better for Wenger to concentrate on younger midfielders like Gotze and Hazard?

Source (Kopi Pasta): Arsenal News
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